Design Jungle - for avantgarde fashion and sophisticated interior

the treasury international designer loft located in the creative heart of Vienna. It is the fusion of avantgarde fashion & sophisticated interior - based on exclusive, bespoke und unconventional design. THE TREASURY is a space for the mavericks of design and aesthetics. The Treasury opens the doors to an almost surreal design jungle at 240 m2 - which reminds of unique design spots in Paris or London. To be discovered…

Are you a curious soul?"

Stefanie Hofer & Claudia Maschke

THE creative minds behind the treasury

Stefanie Hofer, entrepreneur for fashion design & holistic style guide.
Claudia Machke, Interior Design & Agency for unconventional

The two souls of THE Treasury are bringing together an eclectic mix of international avant-garde design and sophisticated interior.

Escape The Ordinary.
Dissolve Boundaries.
Create Visions.

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are you a curious soul?

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